This research network is a collaborative project between the five schools within the Faculty of Arts at The University of Melbourne to work on a project titled ‘The Pursuit of the Ideal in Travel Writing, Cultural Tourism and Mobility Studies’. The significance of the theme of ‘the ideal in travel’ arises from the need to re-examine the reasons behind the voluntary and involuntary movement of peoples around the world. This research network project takes the interdisciplinary potential one step further to promote the connections between the three strands of travel writing, cultural tourism and mobility studies. Bringing these strands together makes them more relevant to our understanding of interconnectedness of people movements in today’s globalized society. The travel research network brings the existing research interests of 15 scholars from 12 different disciplinary areas to work together to forge a new field of research into some aspect of people movements – from literary, socio-cultural, geo-political, historical, anthropological, communicative or other perspectives.

Cruise Ship Between Palermo and Genoa by Alex Landragin